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Facilities & Services

Restaurant Warung Shanti

Balinese Cake  Waroeng Shanti Balinese Healthy DrinksWaroeng Shanti Balinese Style BreakfastWaroeng Shanti

Our concept is back to nature, we provide more in authentic Balinese food where most of vegetable pick from garden surrounding the resort, It will cooked in particular way ala Balinese to produce healthy food for breakfast, lunch, dinner. This will give new life experiences to our guest to understand how is the "life so simple".
A selections of unique drink and food will be offered duirng your visit.

Swimming Pools

Natural Pools

Natural Pools  Natural Pools Natural Pools  Natural Pools Natural Pools  Natural Pools

Pools setting in front of lobby and Warung Shanti, it is designed for fun with family, the size is 15mtr X 10 mtr and 75 cm in deept, natural river water from montain flowing though in and accomodated in this pools. There is no chemical which safe for skin and children.

All pools are designed naturaly by river water that flows naturally and spring water doting around The Aura Shanti Retreat.

Cave Kids Pools

Cave Kid PoolCave Kids Pools Cave Kid PoolCave Kids Pools

River osh flow to designed Cave for Kids with the river water flow in to cave and goes to a pool. It is for children fun where children can play and do some fun games which equiped with fun equipment for kids. Children can be parrented by adult from a Bale in the middle of pool.

Spring Pool

Nature is a remarkable grace in The Aura Shanti Retreat there is natural spring water, The beauty of waterfall view set naturally flow into a pool with very clear water. Even besides the Spring pool there is a large flow of river water from a height of waterfalls is located not far from the pool area.

If you are here you can feel the majesty of God's creation can not be compared to the grandeur of modern development in the big city. From Spiritual view, you can also do the self cleaning "melukat" from negative energy by bathing in the pool.

Meditation venue

Water fall

Meditaion  Waterfall Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali Meditation  Waterfall Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali Self Cleansing MelukatWaterfall Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali

From the number of water falls that available at The Aura Shanti Retreat, there is one highst water fall, at this water fall we may do meditation, yoga or do cleansing negatif aura naturally by windy and mist of the water fall

There is space for Meditation for max 60 Person, We may do spiritual activities (Self cleansing) "Melukat" too.

Indoor Meditation

Indoor MeditationIndoor Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali Indoor MeditationIndoor Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali
A Main hall designed naturally can accommodate for 200 participant, with valley view and we still can hear sound of river osh from this hall.

Another hall can accommodate for 50-60 participant, this also designed with ecco concept.

Open yard with green grass area

Meditation  Open Yard Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali Meditation  Open Yard Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali Spiritual  Open Yard Meditation Venue Aurashanti Bali

is perfect place for Individual or Group ourdoor meditation, the abundant vibration of positif energy from univere is easy to channel.

At Waterfall area also perfect place for open air meditation.

Meeting Hall

Meeting Hall  Meeting Hall Aurashanti Bali Meeting Hall  Meeting Hall Aurashanti Bali Meeting Hall  Meeting Hall Aurashanti Bali

Meeting in different environment. It is a perfect and quite place for meeting seasson, The Aura Shanti Retreat facilited with 2 meeting hall where can accomodate @ for 150 person and @ 60 class room style.

River Tubing

Tubing  River Tubing Aurashanti Bali Tubing  River Tubing Aurashanti Bali Tubing  River Tubing Aurashanti Bali

We are the only one Resort has water tubing where can start from our resort area.

The debit water from water fall, Spring pool and other 3 river is more then enough to make fun and exciting Fun Tubing Experience along the sungi river

You may begin with bathing at Spring pool where the start point for Tubing trip.

The trip will take about 90 minutes or 1,5 Km goes into clean water and natural stone along river side, bambu forest, water fall. doting spring water from rocky, in certain area we need a team work but still fun.

Transport Service

We provide transport service include pick up or drop to Airport, Hotel in Bali , Spiritual tour. At extra cost based on services


A combination of point interest of treeking has been survey to accomodate guest need to give more complete experience of Bali, Especily Apuan Village and surrounding.

Short (40 minutes), Middle (2 hours) or long track (6 hours) is available, which most of point interest is agricalture, Jungle river, Rice field also nursery.


Cycling in a village, in a middle of agriculture, rice fied, will give you more memoriable experience
(Advance booking is recomended)

Balinese Cooking Lesson

Way of cooking is A Culture, even in Bali we may found a hundreds way of cooking. However most equipmenet is similar. We will introduce you what equipment need it and how its work.

Cooking is like art, we may cook in simple or complicated way, but what we will introduce you the process the pholoshopy of cooking for our healty life.
(Advance booking is need it)

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Latest Guest Review

Immerse yourself in nature - by , October 09, 2014
Rating 5
Wonderful spot to rest and immerse yourself in nature. There is a lovely river running through the resort with 5 min walk to a pretty waterfall, exquisite cascades and rock pools. Lovely place for kids to explore. Wish we had spent more time there. Very clean comfortable accommodation with everything u need and a little extra. Food was delicious home... more
Quiet place and good athmosphere - by , October 06, 2014
Rating 5
Been here for 2nights! Very good weather no polution suits for someone who wants to stop for a while from city madness n crowded! Feeling so good after visit this place specially it has their own natural spring pool also waterfall. And i like their breakfast "nasi sela" is one of my favo!very tasty! Will be back in a next... more